Jones Chiropractic Clinic Services

Jones Chiropractic Center takes a holistic approach to helping you heal—helping your body heal itself without drugs or surgery if possible. We treat patients of all ages for spine and joint injuries—from sports, workplace, accident, or deformity—that cause back, neck, arm and leg pain; poor posture and gait; joint and muscle pain; pinched nerves; and limited mobility.

Our office uses many biomechanical and neurologic procedures and techniques to diagnose and treat the patient’s injury, including:

  • Activator Method—This method uses a handheld spring-loaded device to manually manipulate the spine and extremity joints.

  • Applied Kinesiology—This procedure diagnoses and treats the patient’s muscle use, posture, and range of motion.

  • Gonstead and Thompson, and Flexion-Distraction Techniques—These procedures detects and adjust misaligned vertebrae and joints.

Jones Chiropractic complements these techniques with a full line of therapies to aid in your recovery, including:

  • Low level laser
  • Muscle stimulation
  • Vibrational massage
  • Cold therapy
  • Traction

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